Bo Velasquez

Home > Bo Velasquez Family Bo Velasquez is a stay-at-home dad. He didn’t always believe he would be a great dad because he didn’t have the best role models growing up. It wasn’t until he learned that he was a beloved son that he was able to become a loving father. Now, he’s able to […]

Lynn Molen

Home > Lynn Molen Family Lynn Molen is a mother of six. When God called her and her husband to adopt, He gave them a vision for how important family is. They believe family isn’t just a group of people; it’s a place to belong. It’s a place to be known and loved – in […]

Suzanne Manning

Home > Suzanne manning Family Suzanne Manning serves as a mom of seven. Raising seven kids isn’t easy, but every day she wakes up with the mindset that the best place to make disciples is at home. She’s focused on intentionally investing in her family, and as a result, she’s seeing them flourish. Suzanne and […]