Abby Grabowski

Home > Abby Grabowski Education Abby Grabowski is a high school senior. She knows that she’s in school to learn, but she also believes she was specifically placed there to be on mission and bring hope to the students around her. High school isn’t always the easiest place to feel included and loved, so Abby […]

Haley Nall

Home > Haley Nall Education Haley is an art teacher. She has a passion for art and for raising up the next generation of hope carriers. Every day she walks into her school, she comes in overflowing with energy and kindness because of her relationship with Jesus. She loves helping elementary students express themselves creatively […]

Kenny Howell

Home > Kenny Howell Sports Kenny Howell is a middle school football coach. His days are filled with drawing up plays and getting the best out of his student athletes. Kenny knows that coaching is just as much about life as it is football. He’s not just calling plays; he’s offering hope. He’s using the […]

Allison Greenawalt

Home > Allison Greenawalt Education Allison Greenawalt is an elementary school registrar. Growing up at Valley Creek, she learned how to stay Jesus-focused and to lead with kindness. Allison serves students, parents, and teachers by bringing kingdom organization into everything she does. She knows her daily life is an invitation to serve others with character […]

Michele New

Home > Michele New Education Michele New serves as an elementary school counselor. On a daily basis, you can find her teaching kindness in classrooms, helping a student through the grieving process, or giving teachers the skills they need to manage difficult situations. Michele has quietly modeled consistency and compassion in everything she does. For […]