Hope Carrier Conversation

hope Carrier initiative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljn9poiHCsY What does hope carrier mean to you? The Hope Carrier Initiative is more than a series; it’s a way of life. Being a hope carrier is far more about what God is doing inside of us than what He does through us, and learning to live as a hope carrier is […]

Redefining Success

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/5DkmHD4dZRA How do you define success? In the kingdom of God, success is obedience not results, and obedience is proof of discipleship. So, as hope carriers, success looks different to us than it does to the world. In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that hope carriers define success as doing […]

Easy & Light

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/q7a_5JH_Kj4 Are you present in your life? Or are you just waiting for “it” (school, the semester, the commitment, the season you’re in) to be over? Are you present? Or are you focused more on your feelings, circumstances, or your past than on where God’s placed you today? In this message, Pastor […]

Those Who Dream

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/xmev5v967cA The evidence of a Spirit-filled life is the ability to dream with God. In other words, a heart that is captivated by God will always be full of dreams! In this message, Pastor John Stickl reminds us that we are God’s dream! And the greatest way to steward the garden He […]

Dreaming with God

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/qFKR8Nw7dFY As followers of Jesus, we are ambassadors of heaven. We have been empowered and created to change our world, and the evidence of a Spirit-filled life is the ability to dream with God! In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that dreaming with God is when we partner with Him […]

As If It Were So

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/a8Oq2r0Bqvs Identity determines behavior; who you are determines what you do, and a changed identity changes how we live. Religion is focused on changing how people behave, but God cares about changing what people believe. In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that to believe something is to act as if […]

You Have A Story

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/IdXefqYpSdo Hope can’t be contained, and hope is on the move! In this message, we hear stories of hope! Stories about kids, students, young adults, business leaders, parents, firefighters, and more — people of the kingdom that are carrying the hope of Jesus into every area of life. Life-change is happening, and […]

Pause: Practicing Our Faith

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/zM5RoFlXsAs Sometimes a moment of silence to listen to what God’s saying can tell us more than 100 hours of speaking. Anyone who wants to be great at something – whether it’s music, sports, or following Jesus – must first learn how to practice. In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us […]

The Gospel of the Kingdom

hope Carrier initiative: https://youtu.be/oM54SLlIXBI In Jesus, we receive God’s grace, experience His presence, and release His kingdom. Jesus restores our identity, reconciles our relationship, and redeems our purpose. This is the gospel of the kingdom of God, and it all starts with grace. In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that, through the death, […]

The Normal Christian Life

hope Carrier initiative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9x6Mk8N-Eo What is the normal Christian life? In Acts 3, people were astonished by the power and godliness of Peter and John as they performed miracles and carried hope in the name of Jesus. But why were the people surprised? In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that when we surrender […]